Annual Ashi.1000 2021

Introducing the 1,000 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies in the world

Explore Ashi.’s biannual ranking of the SaaS companies with the most proven track records.

$28.6 billion

Funding Amount


Avg. 6 Month Growth


No. of Jobs

$124.2 billion

Est. Avg. Annual Revenue

How the Ashi. Listed Companies Were Selected: Companies on any Ashi. lists are ranked according to 6 month percentage employee-size growth. To qualify, companies must have between 30 - 5000 employees on LinkedIn. They must be privately or publicly held, for-profit, and independent--not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies. As always, Ashi. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Growth rates used to determine company rankings were calculated to zero decimal places. Should companies reach a tie in their growth rates, the company with the higher number of employees will be ranked above the other.

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